Party Skills for the End of the World – Manchester International Festival 2017, Centenary Building, Salford

2 Jul

(I attended a preview of #PartySkills 28 June – some elements may have changed since previews. Don’t @ me.)   For at least the first 20 minutes I’m dying to leave. I wish I hadn’t come, on my own, to this immersive, performance, theatre, art… party thing. It’s swarming with people; loud, bubbly groups of […]

Operation Black Antler – HOME, Manchester

11 Jun

Operation Black Antler, HOME - Manchester, 7-17 June 2017

  Friday night, 9.30pm. I’ve locked myself into a toilet cubicle. I’m sweating (a lot) and trying to swipe my phone unlocked, when the woman in the next cubicle asks if I have any toilet paper. I come out, get a fresh roll I’d noticed and pass it over the top of the toilet door. […]

Hair – Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, England (review)

18 Nov

Hair cast

Conceived to shock in 1967 New York, Hair was a musical theatre revolution. A balls-out display of young people demanding to be heard, this 2016 co-production is a smart, prescient (or both) move by Aria Entertainment and Hope Mill Theatre. A tribe of hippies led by charismatic Berger (Ryan Anderson), girlfriend Sheila (Laura Johnson) and […]

Don’t Wake the Damp – The Lowry, Salford (review)

29 Oct

First they Kicked Pigs, then they had Hairy Hands, and now Kill the Beast are back with their third show. This time… they’re Damp. I’d seen Don’t Wake the Damp in preview before it spread to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and this third Kill the Beast production felt like a step forward for the company. […]

Women’s Hour – HOME, Manchester

29 Sep

She’s a princess!!! Doesn’t she look lovely? She’s a princess! She’s a princess! Doesn’t she look lovely? She’s a princess! She’s a princess! Isn’t she lovely? At the end of Women’s Hour, I look down and there’s a tampon* at my feet and a crumpet on the seat next to me. I’ve been shocked, disgusted […]


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